About Enemy of the State Roleplay

Enemy of the State is roleplay server for Grand Theft Auto V - FiveM with optional FivePD as well!

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  • Hundreds of Interiors & Upgrades. A totally new experience in FiveM.
  • 4000+ Vehicles of all types. From work trucks, custom trains to super cars and airplanes even military vehicles!
  • Interactive Missions/Jobs/Activities for yourself or multiple friends as a crew!
  • Experienced gamers with a variety of backgrounds and life experience.
  • Voluntary Economy and Inventory System. Fun & easy to use!
  • High quality weapons with lots of attachment options.
  • FivePD server optional. Play against the AI. Interact with NPC 911 calls and more.
  • Minigames like Football/Soccer, Pool, Darts, Basketball, Golf, Ridable Amusement Park and a lot more!

An Immersive, Unique Atmosphere

Whether you are experienced with GTAV Roleplay or not, we have a dedicated community to help you get started. We have many useful Server Guides with keybinds & info as well.

Players from all over the world. From all walks of life, ages and backgrounds. Some playing GTA since the very first GTA back in 1997! Bringing experience and dedication to roleplay scenes, whatever the type.

Unique Departments!


We are a Hybrid server vs typical vMenu/Qbcore/Non-ESX servers.

The three popular types of framework in FiveM. So, we've combined features from both! Making it a unique experience unlike 99% of other servers. Its simple, easy to use vMenu dropdown menu system AND the left alt "third eye" targeting system from QBCORE! Create peds, loadouts, spawn cars faster. Enjoy both options for a variety of features.

Lots of Missions/Jobs/Heists/Events

Play them solo or with friends! At any time! Lots of scripts for player interaction from emotes, prone, animations, interactive mini-games like Mini Golf, Basketball, Pool, Darts, Arcade Games inside GTAV!

For Experienced or New Players!

Whether you are experienced with GTAV Roleplay or not, we have a dedicated community to help you get started. We have many useful Server Guides with keybinds & info as well.

In addition to our PVP server - We also offer a FivePD LSPDFR style server for roleplay which is AI (NPC) based 911 calls and scenes.

Law Enforcement Roleplay

Various Lore Friendly Law Enforcement Agencies & Departments For All Types Of RP!

Criminal Roleplay

We welcome Group RP, Mafia RP, Petty Crimes, Violent Crimes, White Collar Crimes, Organizations both passive and non-passive RPs! We admire those with a proper backstory and build up to their life of crime while still involving day to day RP actions. Criminals do normal everyday activities too. As for scenes and ideas we value variety, unique ideas are important to quality roleplay.

Civilian Roleplay

People living immersive lives, taking risks and accomplishing goals. Making dreams happen.

Fun Events

Various roleplay involving everyday activities to fun events, challenges, competitions & more.

Mini Games With Friends

Play games INSIDE GTAV - thats right! Such as Mini-Golf, Pool, Darts, Basketball, Poker, Arcade Games, Tennis & More! Get together with your friends. Place bets maybe? Will you be the winner?

Economy System with Banking & ATMs

We use a voluntary economy system. Banking system that allows wire transfers, cash on hand and in account. ATM withdrawals. You can easily pay others with a simple command with a nice interface. It is not required to purchase weapons as we use vMenu system. But we encourage it for RP purposes. Especially for large transactions. For example car purchases, narcotics purchases etc.

Public Police

Public LEO - Police - We allow structured and supervised public law enforcement. Anyone can be a cop. Though, we strive for a realistic experience with RP. We do suggest joining an official department. Public Officers should remember to be respectful and professional.

Public Police

A variety of livery options - yes even for public officers! However, join a department for even more!

San Andreas Sheriff

Public LEO - Sheriff - Maybe the city isn't your thing? Well not to worry. You can go anywhere north of Los Santos as a Sheriff! Many servers have very limited options for Public LEO. But we give you several cars choose from and EUP! Come check out the server and give LEO RP a try. If you enjoy yourself, we suggest you join an official department for more structure and many more vehicles!

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